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As the pool of players continues to increase, it’s important to bring your healthiest version of yourself. Each camp is used to increase our player pool, improve and evaluate.
Cleats, water bottle, warm weather gear, soccer socks (black, white, blue), any and all US DWNT training, apparel. USDWNT sweat top, black, blue, and grey training tops (grey were the new SELECT) If you are new to camp, or do not have all of items, come as close to bringing the proper colors and we will fill in with what we have extra.
Clothes for going to restaurant and looking presentable. (1 step up from sweats :))

Austin is a wonderful city with an extraordinary Deaf community, support and culture. Mark and others are working to promote this camp and create additional opportunities to make connections & continue to increase awareness about your team. Remember what responsibility comes with wearing the red, white and blue.


For further information re: camp, tryouts, or want to learn more about the team, please contact:

Amy Griffin



**Saturday, December 30th**

  • Training: 9-11am @ WHS Chaparral Stadium
  • Training: 2-4pm @ WHS Chaparral Stadium
  • Game: Versus U17’s-U19’s FC Westlake/Dundee Combined: 7PM @ WHS Chapparral Stadium

**Sunday, December 31st** 

  • Training: 9-11am @ WHS Chaparral Stadium 
  • Training/Game: 2-4pm @ WHS Chaparral Stadium

**Monday, January 1st**

  • Training: 9-11am @ WHS Chaparral Stadium 
  • Training/Game: 2-4pm @ WHS Chaparral Stadium

Chapparal Stadium
Hill Country Middle School
1300 Walsh Tarlton Ln.